What does soft close mean?

Our soft-close feature ensures bidding is fair for all.  In the closing moments of an auction, if a bid is placed during the last 2 minutes on a “lot”, it will extend the bidding for that “lot” for an additional two minutes, once there is no new bids after 2 minutes, that lot will be sold. This is similar to a live auction, during which the bidding will continue as long as bidders increase the bid amounts.

How do I use the Watchlist feature?

If you have items in multiple auctions or only a few from the same auction that you want to watch with out having to scroll through the entire list you can add the lots to your watchlist. On each lot you will see the “eye” button beside the bid button, by clicking this “watchlist” Icon that item is added to your personal watchlist for easy viewing of just your favorite lots in this sale or on the entire site. 

The Auction is over who do I pay?

If you have successfully won an auction, you will receive an invoice with payment instructions from either Unique Designs or the Sale Manager.

What is a Max Bid?

With the Max Bid placed, the computer will then keep you as the high bidder to the max amount you have placed.  This can be a great feature if you are not able to give 100% attention to the sale close or do not have a great internet connection or phone signal.  It protects your interest, so you do not miss out on any lots you want to purchase.  The max bid amount is COMPLETELY CONFIDENCIAL from the seller during the sale process.

Example of how the max bid works:  If the lot has a $3000 bid on it and you place a max bid of $4500 into the system, the computer will bid $3100 for you but if someone else bids $3200, the computer will again bid for you, this time at $3300.  The system will look after your interest to a maximum of $4500.  If another bidder is on at $4600, your “max bid” will no longer be effective and you will no longer have the winning bid on this lot without once again logging in and bidding again or moving your attention to a second lot of interest.  Please note that in some cases a lot value can change very quickly if 2 max bids are placed on the same lot competing against each other.

How to place a Max Bid?

To enter a Max Bid, simply place the amount you would like to bid in the bid box, and your Max Bid will be registered. Only the lowest increment will be shown, but you will still hold your Max Bid as the highest bid you are willing to place. It is not possible to outbid your own bid.

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